Why You Need a Project Manager on Your Next Build

Posted by Instor on Apr 23, 2018 9:00:00 AM

When you are establishing a data center or moving to a new colocation, organizing the whole operation can be overwhelming. Each year thousands of IT projects run into trouble. According to the Project Management Institute’s 2017 Pulse of the Profession report, 14 percent of IT projects were deemed failures.





Why Use a Project Management Service for Your Next Data Center Build-Out or Colocation Move

Lack of proper project management is a major reason for these problems. An in-house staff isn't enough to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a project plan. Due to their closeness to the organization, the staff might not have a clear perspective. These oversights can lead to major missteps and ultimate failure. Even if it is not a full disaster, team conflicts and delays can become the norm. An external project management team can provide the right amount of objectivity to help a project succeed.

Understanding Project Management for Data Centers

For a data center project, you’ll go through the following four phases:

  • Planning: During the planning phase, you define the problem, identify the stakeholders, set the objectives and consider the trade-offs.
  • Build-up: At this stage, it’s time to create your team, schedule tasks and set budgets.
  • Implementation: You start putting the data center together. But it's also important to monitor progress and create a feedback mechanism.
  • Closeout: Before ending the project, the project management team needs to evaluate whether all the objectives have been satisfied.
Even though the process looks simple, the number of considerations for each step can get complicated really quickly. Also, you might not have the in-house expertise to support all stages of your project. Your facility managers and workers might be experts in operating a data center but setting it up from scratch requires a different set of skills. An external team with the right knowledge and experience can make the task more manageable.Data Center Project Management Service in Action

Hiring a data center project management service can simplify your life. Initially, the sales team will come in to collaborate with your organization and set up a project plan. You will get a clear understanding of the scope of the project and the necessary resources.

Next, a logistics team will help with scheduling and management of your inventory. For any project to succeed, timing is crucial. The logistics team will figure out the coordination of all the moving parts and equipment.

Once the project objectives are identified, the project managers will start collaborating with contractors and vendors. They will assign responsibilities according to the schedule set up for the project. The implementation phase will be monitored carefully and regular progress reports will help with transparency.

An efficient project management service helps you:

  • Deliver Cost-Effectively and On-Time: The service can objectively evaluate what resources are necessary and get rid of extra costs. It can also keep track of time without getting mired in inter-departmental issues.
  • Mitigate Risks: Understanding the risks can help companies avoid major catastrophes. An outside project management team brings a fresh perspective and helps businesses discover hidden risk factors.
  • Improve Communication and Collaboration: Large data center setups or relocations require cooperation between a lot of parties like manufacturers, contractors, and operators. A project management team can play a vital role in keeping everything under control.

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