Saving the Day with a Closet Refresh

Posted by James Ball on Mar 28, 2019 9:00:00 AM
Instor recently teamed up with the University of San Francisco to refresh the university's closets, replacing obsolete CAT-3 and Krone cables. See how we did it. 




Replacing Outdated CAT-3 and Krone Cables with Minimal Downtime

Recently, the University of San Francsico was in dire need of a refresh in many of its IT closets. Crammed with messy, outdated CAT-3 and Krone cables from the 1990s, these closets needed a makeover, and fast. 

As part of a campus-wide makeover, USF tapped Instor to perform a full network gear refresh and upgrade to the university's cables, Layer Two network switches, jumpers and connectors. Having previously worked with contractors who weren't up to the job (either showing up late, with too few workers or not at all), USF was skeptical that Instor could help. But our team jumped in with both feet and mapped the cables, created a process to reduce cutover events for each closet and then performed the refresh. All this in an extremely tight timeline.

To learn more about how we did this, click the image below. Then, when it's time for a closet refresh, get in touch with the pros at Instor. 


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