Outages, the Cloud and More: Top Stories of 2017, Part One

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Here we are at the end of another year. Without question, 2017 has been an active one in the data center world. Now is the time to bring out the ledger and take account of the highs and lows. Like any other year, 2017 has seen its share of good and bad. Let’s dive into all the stories that have kept us intrigued throughout the year.


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A Look Back at the Biggest Stories of the Past Year

AWS Outage Breaks the Internet

A human error caused an outage on the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) on February 28th and it took down half of the internet with it. The incident caused massive disruptions. Big brand companies like Adobe, Expedia, Coursera, Medium, and more were affected by the outage. Even the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was knocked down. The final analysis was that the whole chain of events happened due to a typo in a command that an engineer entered manually. It sent chills down the spines of every IT manager out there.


Facebook, Microsoft and Telxius Team Up to Complete an Underwater High-Capacity Cable

The high-capacity 4,000-mile cable between the US and Spain was funded by Facebook, Microsoft, and Telxius (a subsidiary of Spanish telecommunication giant Telefonica). The cable can transmit up to 160 terabits per second. The transmission rate is 16 million times faster than an average home internet connection. The cable runs 17,000 miles below the ocean’s surface. It is definitely a communication wonder of 2017.


Google Showcases Espresso for Edge SDN

Espresso is the latest pillar of Google's Software Defined Networking (SDN) strategy. It improves Google network performance on the peering surfaces with Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Instead of relying on static points based on IP addresses only, Espresso allows dynamic best point selection to better serve traffic directly to the customers. It also frees logic and control of traffic management from the restrictions of physical routers. The control is maintained on the SDN. Google hopes to improve the availability, performance and efficiency of its Cloud service through Espresso.


Switch’s Year of Big Achievements

Switch raised $531.3 million in an initial public offering with a valuation of $4.2 billion. The Las Vegas company was the year’s second largest tech IPO. Switch also had other things to celebrate. It opened a pyramid-shaped data center in Michigan. It also launched a new data center in its hometown Las Vegas to increase its total capacity to more than 2 million square feet and around 315 MW. In addition, it's planning another large data center in its Atlanta campus.


Northern Virginia Sees More Data Centers

Northern Virginia is already a hot market for data centers and it is seeing more growth. Vantage acquired 42 acres of land in Ashbury, Virginia to create a facility with 108 MW capability. Both Equinix and Amazon are also increasing their capabilities in the Northern Virginia area.


Cisco Delivered Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) System with Springpath

Cisco developed Hyperflex with Springpath to stay relevant in the HCI market. Then, in September, it acquired Springpath for $320 million. It seems Cisco is going to keep trying to compete in the HCI marketplace.


VMware Sells Off vCloud Air Business to OVH

VMWare, a subsidiary of Dell Technologies after the merger with EMC,  is moving away from providing cloud infrastructure. It sold off its vCloud Air Business to OVH, a French cloud provider. OVH bought vCloud as part of its global expansion strategy.


New York Times Moves from Data Centers to the Cloud

The New York Times declared that it was going to close three out of four of its data centers. The traffic of the closed facilities will be transferred to Google Cloud and AWS. New York Times wants to take advantage of Content Delivery Network (CDN) to provide faster service to its customers.

Stay tuned for part two to find out about British Airways and Microsoft Azure outage, Oracle's big cloud deal, Equifax breach and more.

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