What We Mean When We Talk About Infrastructure

Posted by Instor on Jun 7, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Infrastructure is an extremely loose term that’s used to describe everything from roads and bridges to computer networks and IT to finance. At the heart of all these is the idea that infrastructure represents the backbone of an operation. It encompasses all the critical elements that come together to make something, be it a city, a nation or a data center operate successfully.




Cabinets and Racks are Fundamental Elements in any Data Center

Without infrastructure, you simply can’t get anything done. Imagine the United States without the interstate highway system that sprang out of the Eisenhower administration as a way to more efficiently move military equipment across the nation. These days, we use this massive, interconnected web of (mostly) well-maintained roads to travel for business and pleasure. Without it, we might still be chugging along on city streets and dirt roads to get from point A to point B.

In data centers, infrastructure refers to the servers, networking equipment, software, power, racks and other vital components. As data center infrastructure experts, Instor Solutions, Inc. has led the way since 1988. From on-premise to wholesale and retail colocation, we’ve developed innovative solutions our customers can rely on for 30 years and counting.Two of the most important elements in any data center are cabinet and racks, not to mention the accessories that make them all run more smoothly and efficiently. Whether it’s a rack or enclosure or an earthquake-proofing product, we work with trusted vendor partners such as APC, Chatsworth, Worksafe, Legrand and other to provide world-class solutions for your next build-out or fitup.


Rack Solutions

Items to consider when selecting racks for your data center include the size of the room, ceiling height, conveyance clearance, door widths/heights and other practical considerations. Also note that there’s a difference in server racks and network racks, with server racks typically coming in 48U x 24” x 48” options and network racks offered at 48U x 30” x 48”. Static and dynamic load ratings are also critical, and the experts at Instor can help you determine what’s best for your whitespace. Contact us to learn more.

Accessories for Data Center Racks and Cabinets

Don’t forget about monitors, panels, keyboard drawers, raised floor grommets, shelves and other important accessories without which your cabinets and racks would be next to useless. Think of these items as the infrastructure for the infrastructure if you will.

Instor also offers seismic bracing tools and accessories for data centers located in active earthquake zones such as the western United States. When the earth shakes, so does your expensive IT equipment, so we work with top manufacturers to provide bracing platforms that not only protect your equipment but your employees, as well. These platforms allow IT equipment to sway with the movement of the earthquake several inches in each direction, with the platform returning to its original position after seismic activity.

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Instor also offers solutions including cabinet lighting via super-efficient LED technology and many other accessories to ensure your data center is safe, efficient and downtime-free. Explore our options here.

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