Advantages of Pre-engineered Infrastructure

Posted by James Ball on Oct 10, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Steve Clark, Instor's Vice President of Data Center Services, recently contributed to Data Center Frontier's Voices of the Industry column to share the advantages of pre-engineered infrastructure solutions in the data center. Learn more here. 


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Weighing the benefits of rapid, modular deployment          

"There’s the old saying that you can have things either cheap, fast or good, but you can only pick two. This seems to hold true in the data center world as well, meaning the solutions you choose will either be cheap and fast, cheap and good or fast and good, but not all three at once."


This week, Instor's own Steve Clark had the chance to share his thoughts on pre-engineered infrastructure solutions on Data Center Frontier. Among some of the highlights: 

  • Before making any decisions, first determine what you have, the understand what you need. From there, design and build what you need.
  • What you need may not necessarily require as much time and effort as you assume. In many cases, designing a solution that fully integrates with your facility while still providing functionality may involve very little building. 
  • Pre-engineered solutions are ones where all the pieces and parts arrive at virtually the same time, allowing a single contractor to assemble the solution rather than building it, having to fabricate and modify material to fit the design and the physical space.

Learn more about pre-engineered solutions and why they may be right for your next project here

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