How Are You Protecting Your Data Center’s Equipment?

Posted by James Ball on Jul 10, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Let’s face it. The extremely valuable IT equipment in your data center or colocation is at risk if you’re not physically securing it 24/7 with top-of-the-line protection. Here's how Instor can help you keep your gear safely secured so you can sleep better at night.




Top Physical Security Solutions from Instor

What keeps you up at night? For many, it’s the possibility that their data center’s IT equipment isn’t as secure as it could be. Whether you’re in a legacy data center or a colocation, it’s equally important to provide every reasonable security measure to limit access to your racks, servers and other equipment when you can’t be there to oversee it. Instor partners with the top manufacturers of data center security products to fully secure your investments when you can’t be there.


Steel and Sheet Metal Cages

Some products, such as welded steel and perforated sheet metal cages serve dual purposes. These tools not only provide physical security - limiting who can and cannot access your IT equipment - but they are designed to help increase air circulation. Some of the top names in the cage business are Wirecrafters and CalWire, both of whose products Instor offers for our data center partners. We offer sales, design and installation – from basic economy installs to finished floor to ceiling cages and slab to slab - so you can get back to business.

We also ensure your cages are virtually impenetrable with key locks, electric strike locks, mag locks, proximity card readers, solid panel inserts and biometric scanning options available. Instor partners with SouthCo, a top-quality producer of locks that protect your data center assets from the perimeter right down to the rack level. Using these electronic locks, you can control physical access to individual servers.

Other add-ons include panels to cover cage walls. This is particularly helpful in a colocation, where a solid partition offers the ultimate in privacy without sacrificing proper airflow to servers.


CCTV Cameras

When you can’t be there in person, the next best solution is to install closed circuit television cameras. Choose from wired and wireless options from Instor so you can keep an eye on your floors as well as all points of ingress and egress.

Alarm Systems

Paired with a reliable CCTV camera strategy, alarms can help save thousands of dollars by signaling to unwanted visitors that they’re not welcome in near your IT equipment. By setting a high or low threshold for alarms, you can alert the most important stakeholders to a variety of threats.

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