Overhead Matters. Literally.

Posted by James Ball on Nov 27, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Data center ceilings provide suspension, support, lighting and more benefits to your facility. Here are some of the top products for data center ceilings. 



Data Center Ceiling Products from Top Manufacturers         

Overhead matters, in more ways than one. There’s the figurative overhead, which refers to the cost of operating your data center, then there’s the literal type, which is what we’ll focus on today. 

Products such as structural ceiling grids and drop ceilings are an invaluable addition to any data center, especially when you’re looking to support heavy items that require overhead suspension. As you can imagine, that’s not a product you want to skimp on.

Data Center Ceiling Grids

At Instor, we not only sell ceiling grids from top manufacturers such as Gordon, Cooper B-line and Tate, we also design and install them to meet your data center’s needs. These strut ceiling grid support systems help suspend and organize critical infrastructure such as electrical, lighting, cable raceways, trays and other components. We can help tailor the grids to your needs while maintaining low cost and rapid installation.

Drop ceilings can also reduce cold aisle space that needs cooling, keep the data center more aesthetically pleasing, add security, provide full access and even reduce the amount of support steel needed in your data center. 


Ceiling Lighting

Using LED luminaries for energy efficiency, Cree and Cooper ceiling lights help reduce electric usage, HVAC load and maintenance costs. Optional occupancy sensors and dimming features are also available so you can only illuminate occupied areas as needed. 

See a full range of data center ceiling products here.


Other Overhead Products

Instor also offers sales, design, installation and support for other ceiling-related products, including conveyance pathways, basket trays, ladder racks, fiber troughs and more. Visit our Conveyance Pathways page to learn more.

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