Safe to Operate Data Centers in Russia? Expert Thinks it’s Vital.

Posted by Instor on Jun 29, 2018 9:00:00 AM

This week, we take a look at a compelling argument for operating data centers in Russia; while a retired mine is converted into a data center; and Dallas heats up as more companies move their data centers to the area. Also, meet Instor’s newest hires!





Data Center News Roundup for June 29, 2018

As 2018 has unfurled, many of us have enjoyed watching the World Cup action from Russia. Just four few short year ago, we also marveled at the thrilling Winter Olympic action from the seaside port of Sochi, Russia. To be certain, there’s a lot of intrigue about the former Soviet Union these days. But how do you feel about trusting your data and applications to a data center in Moscow? It’s an important question raised by industry veteran Guy Willner in a recent column in Data Center Journal. Willner outlines his five reasons for doing business in Russia, including:

  1. Russia has the highest number of Internet users in all of Europe
  2. The strength of its IT and telecomms infrastructure along with an attractive location
  3. All nines uptime and a high level of IT competence
  4. Favorable date sovereignty laws
  5. Russia is, perhaps, the last untapped frontier in IT

Check out Willner’s piece here and see if you agree.

In other news, Norway is home to a unique new data center that’s the former home of a mineral mine – the glowing green rock olivine, to be specific – and its location brings a lot of advantages to its new owners, Clean Technica reports. Situated next to a fjord with advantageous glacial runoff for data center cooling, the new facility is set 150 meters into the side of a mountain. This will allow the facility to take advantage of low and stable temperatures at all times of the year, providing for maximum natural efficiency without the need for water pumps. Thanks, gravity! Read the story here.

Speaking of efficiency, the efficient data center market is approaching the $25 billion mark and will surpass that figure by 2024, says Energy Manager Today, quoting a report from Global Market Insights, Inc. With encouragement from governmental organizations across the globe – especially in Asia Pacific – tax incentives combined with financial aid to local SMEs is driving this growth. Read the piece here.

Dallas has always been warm, but now it’s really heating up as its data center market is getting stronger by the day, BisNow reports. RagingWire’s VP James Leech says the area is home to 113 megawatts and more than a million and a half square feet of data center facility space, making it the third largest market in the United States behind Ashburn, Virginia and, of course, northern California’s own Silicon Valley. As more companies move into the area, there’s talk of the hyperscale market finding a home base in Dallas-Fort Worth. Learn more here.

On the Instor news front, we’re excited to welcome Bill Winsininski as U.S. Midwest Sales Director and Eddie Gleeson as the European Director of Accounts. Meet Bill and Eddie here. Also, Instor just published a very detailed and helpful guide to infrared scanning the data center. Learn more and download the whitepaper here.

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