Wikileaks Exposes Amazon’s DC Locations; Ireland Is off the Hook for Apple Tax Bill

Posted by James Ball on Oct 19, 2018 9:00:00 AM

It has been a busy week for data center news as we take a look at a Wikileaks dump that exposed Amazon’s data center locations; news that Ireland may be off the hook for Apple’s massive $15 billion tax bill and other news from around the industry.



Data Center News Roundup for Friday, Oct. 19, 2018

Leak Unveils Top-Secret Data Centers

Data center locations are generally not considered top-secret. In fact, many operators open up their facilities for the world to see, whether to maintain public relations or keep their brand in the public eye. But it’s a bit different with Amazon. One of the reasons for Amazon’s secrecy around their data center locations is that they store classified and unclassified government data, which means they’d like to keep as many facility locations as quiet as possible. This week, it was reported that Wikileaks decided to publish up to 100 Amazon data center locations along with the shell company names used to hide Amazon’s identity. Tech Spot has a good rundown of the situation as well as updates on the potential impact of this leak. Read it here.


Ireland Gets a Pass from the EU over Apple Fines

After much back and forth over the course of a year, the European Commission has ruled that it will not seek damages from Ireland related to a $15 billion tax bill owed by Apple. The case came about when it was alleged that Apple too unfair advantage of Irish tax laws, effectively only paying 0.0005 percent taxes on its profits. Apple initially balked and legal recourse was threatened. Eventually, Apple deposited the back taxes into an escrow account, where it remains. Ultimately, the EU said it wouldn’t go after Ireland for failing to track down the money, according to a story in Cult of Mac this week. Read more here.


How Much are You Spending on Cybersecurity?

That’s the question being asked by Data Center Knowledge this week in an article titled, “Are You Spending Too Much (Or Too Little) on Cybersecurity?” The answer, naturally, lies in which industry your data center is serving. Banks and financial institutions, for example, would spend significantly more on security than, say, a winery. The key to determining the right amount of cash to throw at security depends on three factors, the article says: first, your appetite for risk; second, how badly a breach would be to your company and finally; the vulnerability of your assets. Get the full scoop here.  


Data Centers Warned: Develop a Weather Disaster Plan

Climate change remains a hot – and controversial – topic for many. What isn’t in question is that the severity of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and unseasonable weather is currently on the rise. To this end, Uptime Institute has issued a warning to data center operators: be prepared. The warning isn’t about politics or the environment, but rather about practical economics, Network World reports. The report states that most data centers are woefully underprepared for the downtime that would result from such as disaster. The article lays out the case for being ready for disaster at any time, offering these four bits of advice: “identify where your risks are, plan for the worst, test regularly by simulating outages and update your plan as needed.” Learn more here.

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