What 2019 Holds for Data Centers; More News

Posted by James Ball on Dec 14, 2018 9:00:00 AM
As 2018 draws to a close, industry experts are making the usual rounds to predict what next year will hold. Also, we look at Digital Realty's growth in Asia; real-time data center monitoring as a cost-cutting measure and more news.




As the Year Ends, Predictions Abound

The Next Big Things

This week, Network World ran a look-ahead to 2019, making its best guesses as to what the new year will hold for data centers. Among their predictions: the maturing of edge computing (but the need for a better business model), finding a balance between cloud and on-premise, the rise of water-based cooling, expansion of Artificial Intelligence in data centers, serverless computing and microservices. Also, bare metal is predicted to enjoy a good year in 2019. Read it here.


Singapore Eyed by Digital Realty

Our friends at Digital Realty is increasing staffers in Asia and is looking to build a third Singapore facility shortly, according to Data Center Dynamics. With such as geographically large and diverse area as Asia Pacific, DR CEO Bill Stein told DCD it will take “more skills to function effectively in these markets.” Among the most important skills are being highly familiar with the local market. As IT workloads shift to the cloud, Digital Realty said it hopes to go where its customers are going, hence the burgeoning Singapore market. See the full piece here.


Real-time Monitoring will Rule 2019

In another prognostication piece, Beta News wrote this week that real-time data center monitoring will remain a top way to cut costs over the next year. With power costs climbing ever higher, adopting a cost-saving tool such as real-time monitoring should be a no brainer, the piece says, but often managers wait until there’s pressing issue or “decision to overhaul legacy tech” that is the catalyst for such adoption. Some other tips from the piece: get rid of unneeded infrastructure, find underutilized servers and explore consolidation. Story here.


Software-defined Networks Set to Improve

With cloud, containers and white-box switches improving every day, Network World predicts a smoother 2019 for software-defined data center networks. The article outlines 10 key areas to watch for to improve SDDC networks, including multi-cloud migration, a stronger focus on the customer’s experience, intent-based networking, better integrated network security and more. Learn more here.

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