Benjamin Franklin Probably Never Dealt with Downtime

Posted by Instor on Jun 27, 2018 9:00:00 AM

To ensure uptime, you need electrical infrastructure built from quality components. It’s equally important to include redundancy in the electrical design to ensure uptime in event of a system failure. Learn how Instor’s electrical design services can help you maintain uptime.




The Quality of Your Electrical Infrastructure is Directly Correlated with Uptime

When Benjamin Franklin harnessed the power of electricity with his makeshift lightning rod 250 years ago, he likely envisioned a world of possibilities before him. It’s hard to understate how much of a watershed moment that was in human history. Today, electricity remains the primary driver of nearly all progress – from the ability to see in otherwise dark surroundings to the privilege of flying comfortably across the globe in mere hours. This holds equally true in our industry, where power and electrical infrastructure serve as the backbone of data centers around the world.

Data center managers worry about a lot, but chief among these worries is unplanned downtime, which can quickly run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue for even a few minutes without power. When a single electrical system component goes down, your uptime rate is toast and, along with it, your potential for future business. To prevent this, it’s important to provide for redundancy within your data center’s electrical design. That way, if a system failure (heaven forbid) ever finds you, you’ll be prepared.

Electrical Design Services for Data Centers

Our team of electrical engineers and experts know electrical infrastructure. Whether you’re in a colocation data center or a more traditional setup, we work to customize a solution that works for you. When you’re running out of capacity in the server room, we work to scale solutions that will last you for the foreseeable future. And, when you need a full electrical backbone replacement for your legacy data center, we’ve got you covered.

On time and on budget is the Instor promise to you. Here’s a glimpse at some of the electrical installation services we provide:
  • Rack Power Distribution Units — with basic, metered and switched options
  • Power Distribution Cabling
  • Cabinet Grounding
  • Branch Circuit Power Monitoring
  • Electrical Distribution Commissioning
  • Infrared Thermography — to isolate any potential hotspots to improve cooling costs
  • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
  • Data Center Electrical Design Services from Instor

 Whether you’re looking for a small upgrade or a complete overhaul, let Instor help on your next project. Learn more here.



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