Can’t Be There in Person? Remote Monitoring Is Your Best Bet.

Posted by James Ball on Sep 6, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Efficiency can increase while power consumption can go down when you do data center remote power monitoring properly. Learn how. 



Sleep Well at Night by Keeping a Remote Eye on Things      

The term “single pane of glass” is thrown around in the tech world a lot. It’s one those phrases that’s vague enough to mean whatever the speaker needs it to mean. Typically, however, it refers to a unified system that brings together diverse pieces of data and information in an easy-to-view dashboard. All your data in one place and at-a-glance, in other words.

Earlier this week, we touched on the subject of data center power and specific components to help your data center operate smoothly and with minimal unwanted downtime. But just as important as these products is the ability to see what’s happening on your facility’s front lines in real time, 24/7.

The first item you should be monitoring is your data center’s power, hands down. It doesn’t matter much whether you’re in a shared colocation space or operate your own facility, power consumption and uptime should be on your radar at all hours of the day. As we discussed in the last post, a great way to go about this is with rack PDUs or rack Power Distribution Units with smart functionality. Smart power strips allow you to remotely monitor elements such as temperature, humidity and overall power consumption.

Combine smart PDUs with power monitoring software or DCIM and you’ll be able to predict power and cooling needs in the future based on past trends. You’ll also be able to meter down to the individual outlet, inlet and circuit level as you’re making capacity planning decisions. Alerts can be programmed to let you know when your power has hit certain thresholds or when a server has gone offline. Explore some power options here.

Other elements to track include your IT assets with an asset tracking platform, leak detection and KVM over IP. Asset tracking can help you keep an eye on your most important physical assets in the data center by showing the current location of your equipment along with its vital signs. Leak detection can prevent costly downtime by watching for CRAC failures, weather incidents, heat and more. KVP over IP gives you virtual control of your system from anywhere in the world without the need for a dedicated keyboard, mouse and monitor for each server in your data center. Learn more here.


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