Upgrading Your Racks or Cabinets? Start Here.

Posted by Instor on Jul 3, 2018 9:00:00 AM

When it comes to cabinets and racks, Instor partners with the top names in the data center industry to provide world-class products for your next build-out, upgrade or colocation move.




See How Instor Partners with Top Names for Quality Solutions  

Where would any of us be without great partnerships? We’d be at a great disadvantage, that’s for sure. When we at Instor look across the landscape of partnerships we’ve developed over the years, the one thing that stands out is the consistent level of quality that endures as we work to serve our clients in the best ways we can. For instance, when it comes to cabinets and racks, we have developed partnerships with top names such as APC, Chatsworth, Worksafe, Legrand, SWDP, Iso-Base, Minkels and more. Here are a few tips for your next cabinet, rack and accessory purchase.


Things to Consider When Purchasing Racks

There are a few critical factors that come into play when you’re looking to purchase new racks for your data center or colocation. First, what is the maximum size rack that will fit into the room? Also, what’s the maximum size rack that can actually be brought into the room? Consider your doorways, ceiling height, conveyance infrastructure clearance, fire protection, lighting, loading dock size, elevator size and other openings when determining this.

Once you’ve determined whether the racks of your choosing will fit, you’ll need to choose the color and size. If you’re looking for server racks, these are typically 48U x 24” x 48”. Network racks, on the other hand, tend to run 48U x 30” x 48”. Also consider the static and dynamic load ratings to determine whether you need four-post racks or two-post racks.


Accessories for Racks

OK, so you’ve chosen your racks. You’re not quite done yet, though. To operate them, you’ll need monitors, panels, keyboard drawers and shelves. You’ll likely also need raised floor grommets, a quality cooling solution and, oh yeah, let’s not forget about power! Instor’s team of professionals can help work with you to determine the exact specifications for your next build. You can even try our free Data Center Fitup tool, which lets you estimate the costs of builds of all sizes.


Seismic Bracing Tools

Earthquakes are a fact of life, not just in the western United States, but other areas of the country, as well. Protect your valuable IT equipment with seismic bracing tools from our partners at ISO-Base. With the ability to sway up to eight inches in each direction, ISO-Base’s Seismic Isolation Platform Technology gently returns your gear to its original position once the shaking is over.

Explore our seismic bracing solutions and take a free earthquake risk analysis here.


Cabinet Lighting Solutions

Never underestimate the need for high quality lighting solutions. When you’re ready to upgrade to power-efficient LED lighting, give us a call. The right lighting will lead to a safer and more efficient data center. And who doesn’t want that?


See Instor’s Cabinet and Rack product solutions here.


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