5G’s Impact on Data Centers; Google Goes Green, More News

Posted by James Ball on Nov 23, 2018 9:00:00 AM
This week, the Data Center News Roundup delves into ways the building industry is learning from green data center practices; how 5G tech will impact data centers; British Airways suing over a massive outage; and the future of fiber optics in the data center.



Data Center News Roundup for Nov. 23            

DC Best Practices in Buildings

Coming as no surprise to IT managers, facilities managers can learn a lot from their IT counterparts, especially when it comes to energy savings and green practices, Tech Republic suggests. With buildings using more than 40 percent of the energy - and as much as 70 percent of the electricity - in the United States alone, efficiency has become something of a buzzword in the building industry of late. For help, many are turning to the expertise of data center managers, who have been successful in realizing energy savings in their own facilities over the years. Some of the lessons they can learn, according to the article: conduct routine energy audits, use modeling and analytics software for energy management, reducing facility size, working with vendors and more. Read the full piece here.


It’s Easy Being Green when You’re Google

With a cost of nearly $700 million, Google is building a new data center in Denmark. That news in itself isn’t that remarkable until you look at the specifics: the facility will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy and it will employ around 200 people once it’s finished in 2021, Danish officials say. This is further proof that the Nordic region is seeking out hyperscale players to benefit from its cheap, renewable resources like wind and hydropower. Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and other marquis names all have data centers in the Nordics.  Learn more on 9to5Google.


5G, A Game-Changer

While the effects of 5G won’t be felt for a couple of years, the fifth generation cellular network that will replace 4G promises to deliver significant impact to data centers, says Steve Carlini, a VP at Schneider Electric, in a recent story on Tech Republic. In a Q&A, Carlini says the one-millisecond latency offered by the network means more regional or metro data centers along with a local progression. “We're going to see the regional instance of these data centers happen,” Carlini says. “And with 5G functionality, you're talking about things like millimeter wave technology and cRAN is virtualized. So the whole 5G upgrading system and network is going be different than what you're used to. Get the full scoop here.


British Airways Suing over Outage

If you’ll recall, British Airways suffered a major outage due to a data center failure last year. The result was the cancellation of nearly 700 flights over a busy holiday weekend. The total loss to BA is estimated at $75 million. Ouch. Now there’s word that BA is fighting back in court, suing CBRE Managed Services, the data center’s operator for unspecified damage. BA claims that CBRE’s backup system failed, resulting in an outage that lasted three days and did financial and reputational damage to the storied British airliner. Data Center Dynamics has more details on the case. Read it here.


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