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Posted by James Ball on Apr 5, 2019 9:00:00 AM

In this week’s roundup: Amazon is opening new data centers in the rapidly-expanding market of Indonesia; performing “data center surgery;” how to successfully consolidate a data center and the rise of fossil-free data centers.



Data Center News Roundup for Friday, April 5, 2019   


Data Center Surgery

Data centers are living entities and care needs to be taken when retrofitting one. So says Frank McCann of Verizon Wireless, quoted in a story from Data Center Dynamics this week. The piece outlines the pros and cons of retrofitting (i.e. it makes sense in NYC where real estate is extremely limited) including the argument whether to work on live equipment or switch it off. Doing a retrofit on a live data center is a challenge, McCann says, comparing it with open heart surgery. Read the full story here.


Fossil-Free Data Centers?

This week, Wired turns its eyes to our industry to examine the idea of “fossil-free data centers,” which was dreamed up by a Swedish group. The data center trade group known as Node Pole wants to label data centers meeting their criteria as “fossil-free,” not unlike the way we label foods as “Non-GMO” and Fair Trade. As the Nordic region continues to grow as an environmentally-friendly and innovative place to build a data center, it’s no surprise that a group is looking to capitalize on this distinction. According to the article, this label; would “help consumers make informed choices about what kind of energy runs the websites and mobile apps they use every day.” It’s an interesting concept, but only time will tell if it has any legs. Read the piece here.


Amazon: Next Stop, Indonesia

With a projected opening date of late 2021, Amazon Web Services announced this week it would construct a cloud region in Indonesia. Recently, the web giant invested in office space in Jakarta followed by its AWS Educate program to help serve area colleges and universities, The Jakarta Post reports. This news is hot on the heels of Google’s announcement that it would invest in Indonesia, with Alibaba Cloud not far behind in establishing a presence there. Full details here.


Consolidation Tips

A data center consolidation is never an easy task. With so many moving parts, it’s impossible to keep track of everything without some outside help. In an article for Tech Target this week, Andrew Froehlich of West Gate Networks lays out the three most critical steps to undertaking a consolidation. First, he advises, take stock of applications, services, data and have a good grasp on who uses them and for what purpose. Secondly, he says to consider locations. What does your east-west data flow look like? Who will access your apps and data? What’s the disaster recovery plan? Finally, Froehlich offers advice on planning the big move. From considering how to physically move data and apps to preventing (or at least limiting) outages, he argues that the final step may be the most crucial of them all. See the piece here.

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