Decommissioning Your Data Center? Here's Your Roadmap.

Posted by James Ball on Aug 15, 2018 9:37:18 AM

From project planning to disassembly to the packing and shipping of equipment, a lot goes into a data center decommissioning. Instor has added two new tools two help you make the move the right way.



With the Right Strategy, Your Move Can Go Smoothly     

Sometimes, it's time to say goodbye. Out with the old and in with the new. When it comes to leaving a data center or colocation facility, it's often necessary to restore your space back to its original condition. Knowing what's in the Service Level Agreement is key here. Such a restoration might involve the removal of cabinets, ladder racks, any electrical gear, raised floors and much, much more. By working with professional data center decommissioning experts, you can save a lot of effort and headaches as you prepare to move into a new facility.

With this in mind, Instor has created two valuable downloads to help lead you through each step of the process. The first focuses on your IT equipment and assets, while the second is an overall roadmap of the decommissioning process. Even if you're just considering a decom, these tools will help save you time, money and effort in the long-run.

IT Asset Worksheet: This workbook was designed to help you accurately capture all of the hardware in your possession. Having this information will allow you to intelligently facilitate disposition all of the assets, and accurately estimate the costs of retaining, refurbishing, and/or disposing of them as appropriate.Download the worksheet here.

Decom Roadmap: Decommissioning is just one piece of the relocation puzzle. This download will ensure the little details don't slip through the cracks. Use this to get your head around the major elements of a highly successful decom. Download it here.


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