Preparing for the Deluge: Data Centers and the Internet of Things

Posted by Instor on Jun 6, 2017 11:56:00 AM

It seems impossible to escape connected devices. In fact, most people don’t want to escape them, thanks to the valuable data they can bring into our lives. Wearables, home security systems, refrigerators - they’re all part of the Internet of Things. Today, we take a closer look at the impact these devices are having on data centers.


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Here Comes the Internet of Things

You hear the phrase all the time - sometimes to excess: everyone’s always talking about the “Internet of Things” (IoT). It’s been used to describe everything from Nest thermostats to video-connected doorbells to Amazon’s ubiquitous Alexa products. But, as these devices proliferate, what’s the real-world impact on data centers?  

For starters, the Internet of Things is the intertwining of devices and other objects installed with electronics, sensors and network connections which allow them exchange data among those objects - and ultimately with end users. According to a CISCO report, IoT is growing faster than any other category of devices, and by 2020, there will be estimated 4.1 billion users and 26.3 billion IoT devices across the globe. Let those numbers sink in for a second. This unprecedented number of tools are on track to generate a significant amount of data and traffic.

The impact of IoT on data centers

In a short time, the IOT will have a significant transformational effect on data centers because the billions of devices will generate vast quantities of data that need to be processed and analyzed in real time. Without proper planning and development, this data deluge can considerably increase the workloads of data centers. As a result, new challenges will arise every day, such as:

Capacity planning

Capacity planning becomes more crucial than ever in this new IoT world. Ask if your data center is capable of handling an influx of servers without creating temperature or connectivity issues. Also, revisit your software licenses. Because new servers require new operating systems and other management tools, you’ll want to be fully prepared before installing them.

Privacy and security

The increase of IoT devices will increase the number of users available online and also increase the complexity of security needed. A small data rupture may destroy the safety of all data in your servers, so ensuring safety and maintaining the privacy of individuals is a real challenge for data centers.

Server planning

Server planning is a hot topic among IT professionals. For all data center managers, planning a productive way to manage servers will help contend with potential issues brought on by the rise of the Internet of Things.

As IoT proliferation increases, data centers face a lot of pressure to keep apace. Blue chip IT companies such as IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Google are taking the next step to handle this impact and inventing new technologies to develop IoT every day. These include looking at ways to consume less power, using solar as a primary energy source and polyphase electric power systems. Whatever the solution, Instor will stay on top of the trends that are moving the needle and keep you informed on what’s coming next.

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