Mind the Gap! How to Overcome Staffing Level Fluctuations

Posted by Instor on Jun 19, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Instor offers staff augmentation for your data center to help bridge the gap across a variety of IT infrastructure specialties. Explore our services below.




Staff Augmentation Services for Data Centers


You might experience a dip in your data center’s staffing levels for a number of reasons - from stagnating local economic conditions to a lowered demand to a shortage of qualified employees in your region. The fact is, when staffing levels change, they tend to do so quickly, which is why staffing augmentation can be the perfect solution to your problems.


Simply put, staffing augmentation is the outsourcing of critical data center tasks to qualified third-party experts, either for a short term or for the long haul. It’s particularly important to have the right people helping you out when you’re looking to maintain uptime, avoid unplanned downtime and control costs.


Instor Solutions, Inc. is proud to offer staffing augmentation services for data centers of all shapes and sizes. Explore our solutions below.


On-Site Staffing Services

When you need help for weeks, months or even years at a time, Instor’s on-site, professional technicians fit the bill, helping to meet the day-to-day infrastructure needs of your data center. Our techs undergo a rigorous background check and drug screening, so you know your valuable IT equipment is always in good hands.


By tapping into Instor’s three decades of experience in data center infrastructure and by following our strict best practices, our techs ensure all your expectations are met, from start to finish.

Services include:

  • Full or part-time techs
  • Rack/stack
  • Network documentation
  • Cable tracing and infrastructure data cabling
  • Equipment inventory
  • Hardware configuration
  • Dock loading/unloading
  • Many more


Ready to see how we can help? Learn more about our staff augmentation services here.

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