Amazon Dominates Tech News this Week

Posted by James Ball on Nov 16, 2018 9:00:00 AM
This week, Amazon dominated the tech news, with an announcement that it would build satellite headquarters in both New York City and the Washington, D.C. area. It also made news for its planned government facilities near D.C. We take a look at these and other big stories from around the data center news world.



Data Center News Roundup for Nov. 16, 2018          

Bigger and Bigger

Northern Virginia, AKA NoVa, AKA the data center capital of the world was recently announced as one of two new homes for Amazon’s second (and third) headquarters. The retail giant’s two new home bases are located in Queens, New York; and Crystal City, just across the Potomac near D.C. The surprise isn’t that Amazon picked two high profile East Coast spots for its new headquarters, but that it seems to have renamed Crystal City already. After Amazon dubbed the area, “National Landing,” residents of Crystal City took to social media to express confusion over its already named neighborhood. As many as 25,000 employees will work in each of the new satellite HQs, according to the Wall Street Journal. Read more here.


Amazon Expanding Government Facilities

While we’re on the subject of Amazon, the online retailer also recently announced it was opening a second batch of highly secure government data centers called GovCloud in the U.S. In recent years, Amazon has gone after more federal contract money, perhaps thanks in part to a $600 million dollar deal with the CIA that was inked in 2013. With Google having dropped out of the $10 billion dollar JEDI project, Amazon’s new facilities in the D.C. area seem to make it a lock for the massive federal contract. Read more on VentureBeat.


How Machine Learning Will Transform Data Centers

This week, Data Center Knowledge offered up a forward-thinking piece about the future of machine learning and how it applies to data center management. From efficiency analysis to capacity planning to risk analysis and more, the article suggest machine learning will help data center operators achieve levels of efficiency and downtime prevention never before imagined. In fact, the report predicts that within just four years, more than half of all data center IT assets will run autonomously thanks to AI functionality. Read it here.


The Future of the Data Center

This week, Biz Tech Magazine offered up an interesting case study of Boys Town, the nonprofit that has transformed the lives of children for more than 100 years. Recently, Boys Town moved its data centers from flash storage to hyperconverged infrastructure, saving 40 percent on storage costs. What’s more, the group brought together its financial and HR databases into two physical nodes, saving them 30 percent a year in licensing fees. The article goes on to offer several ways data center operators can save money, including a mix of cloud and on-premise resources, virtualization and more. Get the scoop here.

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