Comms Cabinets, Amazon's Big Plans and Other News

Posted by Instor on Dec 21, 2017 9:00:00 AM

From Amazon’s global dominance to the rise of comms cabinets and everything in between, here’s a look at what’s making the news in the data center world for Thursday, Dec. 21, 2017.


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Data Center News Roundup for Dec. 21, 2017

If world domination is on Amazon’s holiday wish list, it just got one step closer. At a recent re:Invent trade show in Las Vegas, Amazon Web Services execs said they’re planning to expand from 16 global regions to 23 and, eventually the entire world.

As Seattle Times reports, AWS boss Andy Jassy revealed in a press conference that each major country will soon have an AWS region (which is defined as more than a single data center). The expansion is impressive, given that just two years ago, AWS had a presence in only 11 regions. Read the full story here.

Speaking of global dominance, Alibaba recently announced it is bringing its cloud computing efforts to India as part of the Chinese online retailer’s rapid expansion. According to a piece in Tech Crunch, Alibaba will bring its Mumbai-based presence online in January, offering Indian customers options such as “elastic computing, database, storage and content delivery” along with networking, analytics, middleware, security and other features. See Alibaba’s plans here.

Is there a growing backlash to the hyperscale and mega-data center trend we’ve witnessed in 2017? Possibly so, says IT thought leader Nick Claxon in Data Center Journal. Bigger, Claxon argues, isn’t necessarily better. Plus, he says, those uber data centers come with their own set of problems. The problem comes with the black and white thinking that says, “the bigger the data center, the better it must be.” While hyperscale data centers garner lots of press (usually for their extreme locations and scale), Claxon says the cloud is necessitating a “decentralized approach to physical data centers.” Read his compelling argument in favor of more comms cabinets/micro data centers and fewer Wal-Mart-sized data centers here.

Sumeet Singh, vice president of engineering at Juniper Networks has a fascinating look at the challenges of automation in Light Reading. He covers reallocation of human capital, DevOps tooling, calibrating ROI, the role of machine learning/AI in predictive maintenance and more. Read it here.

Breaking out their crystal ball, Network World makes some bold predictions about the future of data centers in 2018 and beyond. From modernization to workload rationalization, hybrid IT operations and facilities modularity, this story takes a look at the trends that will shape the IT world over the next year. Read their predictions here.

Data Center Knowledge also has a bevy of predictions for the New Year. Some of them include a predicted shortage in IT staffers, the rise of public cloud services, smarter data centers and more. Read the story here.  

As 2017 comes to a close, Instor will soon be unveiling its predictions for 2018. Keep an eye on this space for our thoughts on the future of data centers. In the meantime, enjoy the holiday season and keep the hot aisle hot and the cold aisle cool.

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