Loud Noises, Cramer's opinion on the Cloud, Atlanta Heats Up & More

Posted by Instor on Apr 30, 2018 9:00:00 AM

As April comes to a close, it’s been another busy month in the world of data center news. See how Atlanta is quickly becoming a hub for data center expansions; get Jim Cramer’s take on the recent rise of data center stocks; and hear about a really, really loud noise that managed to shut down an entire stock exchange’s data center last week.





Data Center News for April 30, 2018

Atlanta is known for many things – Coca Cola, Delta Airlines and, now, data centers? That’s the word from Curbed.com, which highlights new data center projects in Metro Atlanta including Facebook, CyrusOne, DataBank and others. Facebook is planning a $750 million, 970,000 square foot project in nearby Newton County, while CyrusOne is moving into a 440,000-square-foot space in the metro area. Announcing a partnership with Georgia Tech, DataBank will settle into a 94,000 square-foot facility right in the heart of downtown Atlanta in what’s being called a “high performance computing” space. Other players moving into this space include Switch and Digital Realty, with Zillow still debating between Atlanta and Northern Virginia for its HQ2. Read more about the rise of Hotlanta here.


Over in Finland, the NASDAQ’s Nordic stock exchange was temporarily shut down when its fire suppression system sent a shockwave of carbon bonded to halogen elements, reports Gizmodo. The fire suppression system’s release of gas brings about a 130 decibel shockwave – and it only takes 110 decibels to damage a hard drive. It’s not the first time a loud noise has shut down a data center, either, the online outlet says. The report also cited similar incidents at Microsoft’s Azure data center and at a Romanian ING banking center. Read the full story here.


Speaking of really loud noises, CNBC stock guru Jim Cramer recently took a break from yelling at the camera to calmly discuss the future of the cloud and data centers. Writing in Real Money for TheStreet.com, Cramer compares the rise of data centers with the similar rise of personal computers in the 1980s. Pointing to record highs for stocks such as Amazon and Microsoft, Cramer is bullish on the future of data centers. Cramer points to three critical elements driving this run, including insane demand, pricing power and the fact that we’re still “in the early innings.” Read the article here or watch him discuss it here.


In other news making the rounds, Data Center Knowledge has a good piece on Red Hat launching an all-in-one data center storage solution by launching a line non-appliances to deliver play-and-play to its open source storage solutions. Read that one here. Also, Google is talking up its $1.8 billion data center investment in The Dalles, Oregon. Google has taken advantage of the area’s low power costs and friendly tax structure to employ 200 workers in a data center that hosts Gmail, Google photos and other corporate data. And for anyone watching the stock market, it was hard not to notice Intel taking a massive jump late last week. The chipmaker leapt 5.4 percent on higher expected earnings as the company transforms into a maker of chips for data centers. Reuters reports that new demands for AI applications is also behind this rapid growth for Intel. Read more here.

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