Moving Out of a Colo? You May Be on the Hook for Cleaning Up.

Posted by Instor on Jun 20, 2018 9:00:00 AM
Instor offers data center decommissioning services including removal of cabinets, ladder racks, electrical components, raised floors and more. See how we can help, whether you’re moving out of a colo or if it’s just time to refresh your IT equipment.  




Data Center Decommissioning Services Will Get You Back on Track

Did you know that when you move out of a colocation data center, you’re likely responsible for restoring the space back to its original condition? Even if you’re not in a colo, you might find yourself with some outdated IT equipment on your hands - gear that has simply run through its natural lifecycle and needs to be refreshed.     

Some of the best advice we can offer our clients is to let a team of professionals handle their next decommissioning project. As experts in this space, the team at Instor helps decommission and even relocate your data center if necessary. We work as your partners during what can be a very stressful time to ensure you remain focused on your core business needs.

How We Do It
As you begin the process of moving out of your data center or refreshing equipment, we look down the road to anticipate the toughest challenges. We consider all your business needs regarding new hardware and configuration changes, then work with you to develop a layout that will support both current and future needs so you can scale up as needed in the future.

During the decommissioning/relocation process, Instor will help remove cabinets, ladder racks, electrical equipment, raised floors and all other data center infrastructure components as needed. We’ll either safely dispose of this equipment or save it so it can be reused in your next build. You might be tempted to think of this process as a demolition with lots of pullbars, noise and jackhammers, but the decommissioning process is actually as intricate and detailed as the installation process. This is one of the main reasons we highly recommended you use a team of experienced pros on your next decommission. With the right partners on your side, you can be certain that the rental agreement or contract is fulfilled to the letter.

Instor starts by asking a lot of questions, then work with you to develop a plan to get the best recovery of investment on decommissioned equipment and infrastructure. We maintain the highest level of security to ensure your data center assets are either preserved or safely disposed of, depending on your needs. Any equipment that’s being decommissioned is carefully documented and, if necessary disassembled. We also help you develop a plan to reuse, recycle or re-sell your assets.

Learn more about our decommissioning services here.

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