Cryptojacking on the Rise; Other News

Posted by James Ball on Dec 21, 2018 9:39:41 AM

This week, we take a look at the rise of cryptojacking, which one source says has risen by a staggering 4,000 percent this year alone. Plus, more data center trend predictions for 2019 and a look at how smart cities will rely on state and municipal data centers.



Criminals See Easy Money Opportunities with Crypto

A Silent Threat to Data Centers

Of all the types of attacks that can happen to data centers, cryptojacking might be the most insidious. That’s because this form of hacking is silent and often impossible to detect. Crypotjacking, in short, is when a piece of malware is installed on a computer or server that lets the hackers use that server’s power to mine crypotcurrencies. It can even occur online – simply visiting certain sites can suck power from the visitor’s machine, helping to slowly mine bitcoin and other cryptos. With word that cryptojacking has jumped 4,000 percent this year alone, experts are warning of its potential impact on data centers. An expert quoted in Data Center Knowledge warned that hackers are installing crypto miners on literally anything that can run a process. The story indicates that cloud deployments that are hijacked could see higher power bills than expected while applications may experience a drop in performance. Read the full piece here.


More 2019 Predictions

This week, Data Center Dynamics rounded up their own list of predictions for the data center industry in 2019. Noting that in 2018, the trend was for storage being “funneled into the largest hyperscale and centralized data centers,” Steve Carlini of Schneider Electric takes a look at 2019. Among his predictions: the need for faster deployments at the hyperscale level, the collision of IT and telco data centers, the further rise of Artificial Intelligence and liquid cooling in data centers and more cloud-based management of data. Read his take here.


Will Data Centers Become ‘Digital Toolboxes of Possibilities?’

At Gartner’s recent IT Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategies conference in Las Vegas, the research firm put out the call for a shift in thinking for those working in IT and operations. Specifically, Gartner wants us to think of the data center as just one piece of a greater puzzle that includes multiple cloud-based services. (Note: the speech was delivered by the author of the infamous “The Data Center is Dead” article from earlier in the year). Analyst David Cappucio told the crowd, “The future of infrastructure is everywhere,” Data Center Knowledge reported. The mindshift required will be one where data center owners look at their facilities as a “digital toolbox of possibilities” including an application-driven approach. Read it here.


IoT and Data Centers

A guest column on the Government Technology website this week discusses the need for cities to take a more serious approach to adopting a strong digital infrastructure. The catalyst driving this need? The Internet of Things. With predictions that there will be as many as 125 billion IoT devices over the next 10 years, it is critical for municipal or state-owned data centers to brace for the impact these devices will have on their facilities, the piece states. Among the advancements needed for a city to be truly “smart:”more traffic light sensors to keep an eye on traffic flow; sensors monitoring the “green” status of buildings; gunshot-detecting sensors and RFID chips to track supply chains. Learn more here.  


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