The Impacts of Climate Change and 5G on Data Centers; More News

Posted by James Ball on Mar 22, 2019 9:00:00 AM

This week, we take at look at the possibility that 5G could accelerate data center sector growth; the booming SoCal data center business; climate risk for the industry and the incredible shrinking data center.



Data Center News Roundup for Friday, March 22, 2019                   

Trend: Smaller, More Flexible Spaces

While everyone knows hyperscale data centers are largely responsible for the growth of the cloud and colocation industry, most enterprise data centers are actually getting smaller, according to a story on this week. Thanks to edge computing - the practice of hosting data for businesses such as streaming services at a local level - the industry is seeing an increase in small data centers spread out across a wide geographic region. Citing examples of restaurant chains such as Chick-Fil-A and Applebee’s, the article says the current trend is for these businesses to send only data that is already processed to the data center, which is “changing the space requirement” for facilities. Read more here.


The Impact of Climate Change

While the causes of climate change is still hotly debated in Washington, D.C. and across the country, it’s getting harder and harder to deny its existence. Rich Miller of Data Center Frontier recently sat down with a panel of data center executives to get their take on climate change on the industry. Some takeaways: the increase of hurricanes on the East Coast is making a lot of data centers rethink their backup and continuity plans. This also leads to the conversation about where to locate your data center. With unpredictable weather on the rise, many businesses are looking to more sheltered locations less likely to be hit by Mother Nature’s wrath. Read the full conversation more here.


More News from the 5G Front 

Finally, it can’t be stressed enough how big of an impact 5G will have on the overall data center sector. In a piece released Thursday, Data Center Frontier provided a reminder of just how big a deal this new technology really is. In a conversation that includes Digital Realty’s Chris Sharp, Rich Miller helps break down the importance of this rollout, including the steep increase in data that will be created over the next couple of years. “5G networks aren’t just about speed,” Sharp says in the article. “They also greatly improve latency and reliability and they eliminate jitter.” This isn’t just good news for end users, but for the overall industry, which is expected to benefit from increased movement to the cloud along with growth in the AI and Virtual Reality sectors. It’s also likely to bring about more edge data centers and automation. Full story here.



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