When it Comes to Your Data Center's Power, Choose Wisely

Posted by James Ball on Sep 4, 2018 9:00:00 AM

From power distribution units to overhead busways, remote power panels and branch circuit cables, the choices you make about your data center’s power is one of the most important you’ll make. We can help you. 

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RPPs, PDUs and UPS … Oh, My!

It’s the things you don’t see that can cause the most trouble in the data center. Take power, for example. Often, data center operators don’t give power a second thought until an unplanned outage wakes them up in the middle of the night. With the average downtime incident costing on average nearly $750,000, that can make for a sleepless night along with a nasty case of heartburn. 

Reliable, quality power, therefore, is one of the most mission critical elements of any data center. Without power, you’ve got an electronic, post-apocalyptic wasteland of unusable IT equipment. And possibly no job. 

There are several components to power products to consider when building, expanding or moving into a colocation. Here are the top ones to consider carefully. 


Short for Uninterruptible Power Supply, the UPS is the heartbeat of the data center. And, just like a heart, you’d prefer it to not stop unexpectedly. Instor’s team of data center infrastructure pros will walk you through the options from rack-mounted to complex, multimode systems to help get – and keep – you up and running 24/7. 

PDUs and rPDUs

More than just glorified power strips, Power Distribution Units and rack PDUs are vital to any proper power setup. It’s the link between your power supply and your data center floor, so it’s important to choose wisely with PDUs. From basic to metered to smart or networked strips, we offer a variety of PDUs that take into consideration your capacity, input and output voltage requirements. We also offer accessories such as floor stands, seismic bracing and load management software. Vendor agnostic, Instor will help find the perfect fit in PDUs from manufacturers such as ABB/Cyberex, Vertiv, Server Technology, APC Schneider and Eaton. Additionally, we offer design and installation as well as power product maintenance. 


Also known as Remote Power Panels, these tools can be configured to fit a variety of cabinet sizes. These standalone power distribution units have the advantage of being able to handle many circuit breakers and can be easily integrated into your data center. We work with manufacturers such as PDI, Vertiv, APC Schneider, Eaton, ABB/Cyberex and others to deliver RPPs for everything from tight spaces to end-of-row solutions. 

Curious what your RPP needs are? Calculate them in seconds here. 


At some point, you’ll need to decide whether to bring in power from above (overhead busway) or below (underfloor). Often, the argument goes that overhead solutions are more cost effective, as they allow for greater airflow. In either case, Instor can help find the right solution for your setup with products from Starline and E&I. We also perform design, installation and ongoing maintenance for your busways. 

Branch Circuit Cables

Pre-manufactured PDU cables can be a smart alternative to “build on site,” which can get expensive and time-consuming. Let us help you choose the cables that run between your PDUs and servers with our 30 years of expertise. 

Whatever products you choose for your data center, make sure this is one area you don't skimp on. Ready to explore our power solutions? Get started here.

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