Case Study: A Build Within A Colocation

Posted by Instor on Dec 14, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Looking to expand its presence in the Pacific Northwest, a large tech company sought a deployment of 650 cabinets across 15 pods in an existing colocation facility. Per the colo’s SLA, a containment strategy was needed. Read the case study here to see how we solved this problem with a unique, flexible approach.



How Specialized Materials Saved the Day

Recently, Instor was tasked with designing and constructing containment in a suite holding more than 650 cabinets across 15 pods. By remaining nimble and using specialized, flexible materials, we were able to reduce the proposal bid by 30 percent. See how our choice of materials turned out to be very strategic when the scope changed mid-stream, keeping the project on time and well under budget.


Build Within a Colocation Case Study

Topics: Fit-Up / Build-Out, Colocation