Why Data Center Ceiling Products Matter

Posted by James Ball on Jul 30, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Vendor agnostic, Instor offers suspension, support, lighting and other ceiling products for data centers from the top manufacturers in the business. These products not only provide safety and help prevent disaster, but also save you money over the long-term.



It’s Easy to Overlook the Overhead – Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

It’s a common mistake for data center operators to overlook the quality of their ceiling products. And it can be a costly, one, too. Ceilings are often taken for granted – until, that is, something goes wrong with them. Then, it becomes a game of “woulda, shoulda, coulda,” and it’s often too late to undo the damage.

By choosing the proper ceiling products for your data center from the start, you’re helping to ensure safety and long-term cost savings by choosing quality products designed to last the duration of your data center’s life cycle.


Ceiling Grids

Did you know Instor doesn’t just sell data center ceiling products but that we also provide design and installation services? By partnering with the top names in the business such as Gordon, Cooper B-line and Tate, Instor is reaffirming its commitment to bringing the best vendor-agnostic solutions to our clients whether on a buildout, fit-up or colocation move.

Suspending heavy items from your data center’s ceiling can be tricky business, and there is no “one size fits all” approach that works. Each data center has its own quirks, so it’s critical to work with a team with decades of experience in designing and installing these products. We’ll help you select and install strut ceiling grid support systems to help support and organize you data center’s infrastructure including electrical, lighting, cable raceways, trays and other components.


Ceiling Lighting

Efficiency is not just a buzzword – it’s a basic requirement of all data centers these days. By tapping into the low-cost power of LED luminaries from vendors such as Cree and Cooper, you can achieve energy efficiency, lowering your electric usage, HVAC load and overall costs of maintenance. We can also install occupancy sensors and dimming features to help cut costs further by only illuminating areas that are occupied at any given time.

Ready to see how Instor can help you select and install the right data center ceiling products?


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