Getting Ready for Black Friday; Exploring Data Centers without Buildings

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Ah, Thanksgiving. It’s a day of too much turkey, televised parades, football, avoiding politics at the dinner table and settling in for a long, well-deserved weekend. It’s also time to give thanks for everything your data center manager does and to make sure your data center is all set for the Black Friday and holiday shopping onslaught. We look at this and other stories in this week’s news roundup.


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Data Center News Roundup for Nov. 23, 2017

First up this week, Network World’s Jeff Klaus runs down the top reasons to be thankful for your data center manager. Among his list of things to be grateful for: their ability to ensure business continuity with great ease, their forward-thinking approach with technology such as Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), their ability to forecast peaks in server capacity, their keen ability to maintain overall data center health (saving upwards of $300,000 per hour in unplanned downtime), and, last but not least, their fluency in the language of the C-suite. That last one is no easy task, so be thankful! Read the story here.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes a whole mess of e commerce transactions for the next month, something which delights retailers, but also keeps IT managers up at night, worrying that something could go catastrophically wrong at any time. And they’re right to worry, says Mark Gaydos of Data Center Knowledge. Last Cyber Monday alone, consumers spent $3.45 billion in online transactions. Gaydos discusses the demands of increased uptime and how to wrangle the following issues for a successful holiday shopping season: power demand, cooling, DCIM solutions, security, resiliency, scalability and edge computing. Read the full rundown here.

It’s no secret the data center industry has historically been dominated by men, but all of that is changing, says Nancy Novak in a new piece for Data Center Knowledge. Part of an ongoing series about women and data centers titled “Woman Warriors,” Novak’s most recent installment tackles the issue of attracting more women to the industry head-on by addressing the relationship between design, construction and the need for more offsite manufacturing. It’s a fascinating look at the industry from a fresh perspective. Read Novak’s piece here.

And here’s an odd one to round out this Thanksgiving week. Imagine a data center without a building. That’s right. No buildings. According to Network World, a new outdoor server farm concept taps into the power of liquid-cooled computers placed in farmland and eschewing physical buildings. The idea sees servers being stored in vats of non-conductive oil in 10-gallon barrels. Despite the lack of water, the oil cools just the same, and carries the upside of no rust. And, it gets better. According to the French engineers working on this project, these outdoor “data centers” would be maintained by robots, including drones, rails and hoists. Learn more about this concept here.

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