Case Study, -48V DC Plant without Batteries

Posted by James Ball on Aug 7, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Let’s say you’re a large telecommunications firm in Houston. Your customers are demanding more and more streaming video, with no signs of slowing. You have existing whitespace, but aren’t sure how to build it out. What do you do? Call Instor. See how we helped.

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Case Study: On-Demand Video Escalates Need for New Plant

Our client, a large telecommunications firm in Houston, Texas, was looking to build out a whitespace with a -48V DC plant in order to better serve its customers with on-demand video and other streaming entertainment options.

As part of the solution, Instor, Digital Realty and Vertiv teamed up to build a -48V DC plant, a 125 kW build that took just nine weeks and - best of all - included no batteries.


The client not only saved money by avoiding building a new data center site, but it was able to eliminate the cost of battery maintenance for as long as the plant is in operation. This also helped the client tap into its existing resources for a higher density solution, making it a more environmentally friendly approach while serving customers with on-demand video across all their devices.

See how big the project was, what was involved in crafting this innovative solution and what the customer thought of the project once it was completed by clicking to read our latest case study below.


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