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Keys to a Successful Data Center Migration

Instor Aug 8, 2017 6:47:00 AM

New data centers are becoming living, breathing, efficient, and more efficient compared to those built previously. Gone are the massive redundancies and facilities because developers are more confident in forecasting the needs for existing and future customer requirements, space and energy.

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COLO or Cloud? Things to Consider Before Moving Your Data

Jeremy Snead Sep 1, 2016 8:04:54 AM

 The daily maintenance of running a data center can become overwhelming. As data centers age, the physical infrastructure can become obsolete for housing the server rooms. Eventually data centers can run out of floor space, or have insufficient cooling needed for increased capacity IT equipment. Instead of building a second data center, one solution may be moving the data itself when a data center’s physical infrastructure becomes obsolete. The question arises, which is the better option: moving data to a colocation, or moving data to the cloud? The choice is based on the needs of the individual, but there are many reasons why moving a data center to a colocation is a much better option.  


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Why is the Data Center Industry booming in Ashburn Virginia?

Jeremy Snead Aug 30, 2016 9:48:15 AM


Ashburn, Virginia has become one of the most prominent cities in America for building businesses, and for building and expanding data centers. Located in Loudoun County, Virginia, Ashburn has broken fiscal records in 2016. Ashburn started drawing data centers to build in the late 1990’s. Five years ago, Loudoun county housed 40 data centers that comprised roughly 4 Million square feet of space.  

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